That Chickas Intro

My First Conceited Post

Writing a first post for a blog is possibly one of the most awkward things to do. Realising you must be totally conceited to think anybody is actually gonna give a second thought about your life and what happens in it. However I must admit it’s much better to get things off your mind on here rather than sitting complaining to myself in the mirror.

Over the past year i began travelling as much as possibly, I deferred University (much to my parents despair) downloaded the sky scanner app and entered UK – Everywhere and headed off to as many places as my bank account (and overdraft) would allow. I was lucky enough to meet my best friend a few months before 2016 who had the same wanderlust that I did and pushed me to finally get out and see the world.

Since then i’ve had some crazy adventures, seen some crazy things and lived the life of a normal 20+ year old at the same time which included the fun, the laziness and the heartbreak that anyone could expect.

So thats what this page is here for; to discuss the beautiful countries i’ve visited, the things i’ve done and just what’s been happening in this crazy world we now live in.

Travel Images courtesy of My Best Friend (Anon) unless stated in citations with image. All under copyright.