Social Setbacks

I am slowly realising that when it comes to making plans with people, being older sucks. When I was 14 I could go out every night and know at least one of my friends would want do something even if I text17622810_10210541665230861_1080680369_o.jpg them 20 minutes before I wanted to go out, Now its more like I have to book time with them a month in advance and even then they cancel the night before.

As I sit writing this I should be out on my final night (which was planned 3 weeks ago) with all my friends before I move back home and abroad for 6 months. I am 21 and i’m sat feeling sorry for myself yet strangely i’m not shocked in the slightest. It makes me wonder; is this the social norm now? Do we just accept people letting us down because we expect it? Or is it now that we blame ourselves?

I am now at a point that all i think is screw the social expectations, why is it okay for people to just let us down? It’s not. Yet I dunno about everyone else but i just forgive my friends as soon as they message me at a later date, I never even bring up what they’ve done I just think “Na it won’t happen again” that is never the case they do the same the following week.

Don’t get me wrong I have A few friends that I can count on (most of the time anyway) but why do we still surround ourselves with washout friends. Sometimes I wish I was a high maintenance friend, the one people never let down cause they know it just isn’t worst the drama that follows instead they just show up.

The other side of it I suppose is that now you can actually tell when you’re being ignored, it’s like “YO I CAN SEE YOUR ON FACEBOOK” or “YOU LITERALLY OPENED MY WHATSAPP MESSAGE 40 MINUTES AGO” gone are the days when you could be ignored and pretend you weren’t actually being ignored. My friends for example will just ignore my messages and then pretend they didn’t see them in time or they’re phones aren’t working.

The big issue at the moment is being female; my only friends that want to do anything are male which to me is not an issue but most of them also have girlfriends which suddenly turns me in to the bad guy. Everyone suddenly thinks your trying it on with people that to you are just really good friends making you a little bit of a hoe. This makes making plans even more difficult suddenly you wanting to go for a couple of a drinks means you want to date.

So for now at least my expectation of having a cool social life and not spending my life in my pyjamas, writing blogs to no one and watching Full House reruns is probably the reality of being the nice friend.




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