Transgender: Its not A phobia

Am I Transphobic? The simple answer is no. There is not a single part of me that is scared of anyone Transgender, Homosexual, Asexual or anything under the LGBT community. The dismal side is though that unless I agree with everything that is said between the LGBT community I can be penalised.

I take this subject incredibly personal because I hate the thought of someone being judged for being who they are born to be but I hate it more when people play on it for Facebook friends and make it seem like a joke to them. A guy I have been friends with for over 8 years now has been openly gay all the time i’ve known him (well almost for the first year he pretended to his parents that he was dating me) in the past 2 years he came out as Asexual once again I had no issue with this he decided he wanted a more gender neutral name, picked a male name and fought everyone who could not understand it. In the past few months he became She and officially came out as being transgender, now I just want to state one more time, I do not have any issue with this at all.

The issue I actually have is how she uses her transition in such a negative way, instead of promoting equality she creates a divide, A hatred towards people who are heterosexual. How someone who can claim to just want to be accepted for who she is, can throw so much shade towards people who at some point in life  were their “friends”.

I just never understand why people claim to be fighting for equality but also fight for “gay only bars” or  cornered off areas. Why can’t instead of trying to divide ourselves into different genders, sexualities, religions and backgrounds can we not just sit and not even question whether or not my male best friend is in a dress and is now my female best friend? Who am I to make that judgement and who the hell is anyone else to try?

In this day and age people don’t care anymore, it is now the social norm to wear, feel and identify yourself in whatever the hell you want but then do not try and make me out to be the bad person because I may not identify as being different.

You don’t need a safe space, you just need to be more understanding that no, not everyone is going to be in the same situation as you but most of us are willing to learn and the rest just aren’t worth the time of day, let them be arses but that does not give you an excuse to be one too.


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